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Coming home is one of the most beautiful things! After all your home is reflection of yourself.  And we strive day-n-night to make it even more beautiful and perfect to celebrate your individuality.

With the dream of making your dream come true we came up with our ‘Artistic Décor’ in the year 2014. Our office is based out in Mumbai.

Artistic Decor caters all type of home décor essentials like different types of beautiful flooring, hand-picked wallpapers, artificial grass etc.

With the most distinctive designs & collection, comes our guarantee about the durability & quality of products. We assure you the best of our attention & quality.

We make sure our customer is treated with utmost respect and care.

As an organization Artistic Decor is committed towards continuous improvement and innovation for providing you with better yet affordable home décor options 

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Get the best discount on wallpapers, Flooring, Gym Rubber etc. We help you to enhance your home, shop, hotels and more

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